I'm keeping my day job...

I work in manufacturing and I have been employed in one factory or another for the greater part of my working life. Finding factory work in the East Coast Megalopolis of my youth was as easy as finding a job flipping burgers in the East Coast Megalopolis is today.

When I needed a summer job after high school I walked to the outskirts of town and found a manufacturing job. When I dropped out of college to find myself back in the 1960's, I walked away from the college dorm and found myself working in a factory a block away.

Manufacturing can be full of opportunities and it has been so for me. It provided me with the opportunity to try different things until I found work which I love and then to make significant contributions based upon it. Today, my love of work is expressed in developing MS Office Access for Allison Systems Corp. The main project there is the order processing system.

But evenings and weekends there is Birdwood...

Once you find the work you love, you do your best to follow it. That has been my guide as I have worked and grown at two strong places full of great people, interesting projects, and exemplary leadership.

My company, Birdwood, aims to find a niche developing small MS Office Access applications for clients with interesting projects but modest needs and budgets.

These are my two favorite factories
Allison Systems Corporation
This is my day job. Here I've done my important work in MS Office Access
Allison Systems Corp.
Globe Dye Works Co.
Globe Dye Works Co.
Globe is where I made my first computer related contributions in the 1980's.

Now the workers and the machinery are gone and it is a beautiful space for artists.